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Monitoring Cyclone


Monitoring Cyclone

In normal circumstances, you will enjoy the benefits of Cyclone's performance without even being aware of its operation. However, if for any reason you need to check the status of your Cyclone link, you may do so using the Connection Monitor. The connection monitor is accessed through the Cyclone AcceleNet icon in the system tray.


Connection Status

Cyclone Client may be configured to use one proxy server for both email and web traffic. The Connection Monitor displays the IP address settings for this server.

The current connection status of the proxy server  is displayed. The status reported will be one of the following:

  • Connected
    This is Cyclone’s “normal” mode. It means that the Cyclone proxy server is ready and able to send data to (and receive data from) the client. The connected status will show when the following acceleration mode options have been selected: “Accelerate All Supported Applications”, “Email Only”, or “Web Only”. These options can be set in the Options dialog.
  • User Disabled
    This mode occurs if you have chosen to manually disable all acceleration. This is done from the Options dialog. Data is still sent and received over the communications link, but not at accelerated rates.
  • Not Connected
    This mode is similar to ‘user disabled’; however, in this mode, the Cyclone proxy server is not currently able to provide acceleration, even though you have acceleration enabled. Data is still sent and received over the communications link, but not at accelerated rates.

Note: for more information on acceleration modes, refer to the section on the ‘General Options Page.’



The Statistics section of the Connection Monitor allows you to monitor data compression, which is one measure of the acceleration performance of your Cyclone AcceleNet link. Separate statistics are provided for data being sent from your computer, and data being received by your computer. For each of these two types of data, cumulative counts of “Raw” and “Compressed” data are displayed, as well as a Ratio that compares the two numbers.

For “Sent” data, the raw count refers to the amount of data that applications on your computer sent to the Cyclone client for transmission over the communications link. The compressed count displays the amount of data that the Cyclone client actually sent (after compression and optimization).

For “Received” data, the compressed count refers to the amount of data received by the Cyclone client from the Cyclone proxy server. The raw count displays the amount of data that the Cyclone client then delivered to the network applications on your computer.

Clicking on the “Clear Statistics” button can reset these cumulative statistics.

Although compression is only one aspect of acceleration performance, it’s generally true that if your compression ratio is high, your acceleration performance is high as well.


Event Log

The event log displays messages indicating a variety of system activities. These include messages describing normal events: client connecting to server, client disconnecting, etc. Error messages indicating system failures are also sent to the event log.

The event log is cumulative, with the most recent messages appearing at the bottom. The log can be reset by clicking on the “Clear Events” button.



If you wish to re-start Cyclone while the client is still running, you may click the restart button. Your client will temporarily be disconnected from the Cyclone server, and then automatically reconnect again.


Always on Top

Select this option if you wish to view the information in the connection monitor while data is in progress. This option enables the connection monitor dialog to run on top of any other open window.

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Note: As of August 1, 2004 Cyclone Demo will not work. If you wish to continue using Cyclone after August 1, 2004 contact our office at 910-564-4638 or 800-840-1113